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Winter wedding wonderland

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Here we are again for the winter wonderland special of top tier blogs! We can tell Winter’s creeping up behind the 90 degree weather from the vibrant Christmas lights strung up left and right, don’t forget the fresh Christmas tree booths being pitched in our favorite parking lots. As it gets closer to that special day hearts connect and love is kindled but what better way to express it then getting married and “tying the knot”. Today we will be getting into winter weddings most importantly what the month of December can really do for your wedding, without further a do lets jump into it!

Winter themes

Well we know creating a Winter wedding is something that happens somewhere in the world every year and making it one of a kind isn’t much of a task, if you’re reading this it just takes some thinking and homework! ┬áMartha Stewart has some wonderful ideas to get you started in this process, click here to check out what she has to say. Traditional red and green isn’t a bad idea if you want a color scheme to work with. Add similar colors for a frosty bundle of elegant flowers but stick to it or you’ll soon have a rainbow! Lets think big now and i’m talking about your venue, If you’re interested in going above and beyond here’s a great idea. If you live in Florida you know it never snows so improvisation is key, how about a horse carriage taking guests through the “snow” covered forest trail underneath mistletoe and love. Of course you would use something like bubbles or pillow fluff to look similar to that of snow covering the ground! Get your thinking caps on and don’t be afraid to pop in one of those “obvious ending” Christmas movies we all love, or turn on the Hallmark channel and pop up some corn. Bridal guide also has a variety of great ideas, here’s 100!

Kids wedding

I don’t actually mean the wed of children this is different, this is for the parents of loving children and the marriage of those parents. Let’s get into how you can take advantage of this and make the wedding not only for you but a children friendly experience, hire a Santa as the wedding officiant and rent a few horses and a prop sled for that reindeer appeal. The internet is filled with stories and tales of people having these amazing dream weddings and it’s your turn, you’re just as special as first time lovers so we appreciate you and show you the love and care of that first time experience! Christmas is a time to share no matter your belief it’s much deeper than that, whoever you are out there someone is looking at you in admiration. Your time for a perfect wedding will come! That’s my Christmas wish.

Merry Christmas

Top tier wedding cakes wants to wish everyone a happy holiday, stay safe and enjoy your loved ones. If you’re looking for direction Top tier wedding cakes is here to help in any way possible, come check us out or just visit our website! Call us at 407-804-0229 to get your wedding started!